Top Five Ways Taylor Swift and the Swifties Are Ruining America

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Millions of upstanding men nationwide are now upset and having our masculinity robbed because of Taylor Swift and her music, her ‘flashy’ urban boyfriend and her liberal agenda. We are being told that our emotions — our truths — are not valid. We are being stressed and having our estrogen and cortisol levels spiked from all the anguish. We are being told we should get ignored. But when you look at the facts of the matter, our hearts reflect that of nation’s founders and through our blood courses the truth: our spirits -nay our manhood masculinity itself — is under attack from the Taylor Swift media coverage.

#1: Introducing Sinsoaked Urban Dances of Seduction (SUDS) unto the Innocent NFL Football Community

It is no secret that Swift’s boytoy Travis Kelce celebrates his African-American ancestry with all his ‘in da club’ flashy clothes, urban faded buzz barbershop haircuts and ‘swagger daddy’ attitude. But he takes it to a whole new level when on national television –during God’s second favorite sport of football — when he puts all his obviously rehearsed hip thrusts into to cadence with the latest sin dance crazes.

Exhibit A: Travis Kelce does this ‘stanky leg’ leg, an urban peacock display where a man and all his buddies celebrate the smell of a leg where a dance lap stripper has done her performance and left her musk mark.

These peacock strut dances are meant to entice women. Look how he gyrates his ‘stanked’ leg in the video above, then shakes his hips in a loose grinding manner like a new-age LSD soaked Elvis hopped up on Quaaludes. This dance is meant to make your wife and all our daughters — who have an 83% chance of being a ‘Swifty’ — gaze upon him in lust. This is recruiting women to his agenda, which we will cover more later. But that agenda is to reign in a new age of liberal darkness where these types of endzone dances are the norm.

Any decent man knows when you score a football touchdown, you should solemnly yet firmly march to the referee to hand him the ball. Then use discipline as you walk back to the sideline without all the ‘chuckin’ and jivin’ with high five handslaps so the dainty little kicker can make his extra point and put you up by 7 points. 7 of course being needed so you hit God’s holy number, not just the 6 that makes Satan proud.

Kelce + Taylor = $400 million dollars of extra revenue for the Chiefs, and that is not even counting what happens during the Super Bowl. So this trend is not going away any time soon. Anger triggered.

Exhibit Evidence B: Taylor Swift Hits the “Swagger” Surf

In this video, Taylor Swift revives an urban song 14 years forgotten and makes the spirit of Bacchus flow through an entire stadium, even innocent Mama Kelce, as the devil whispers ‘When you SWAG (Say We’re Atheist Gods), I SURF”

#2: Taylor Swift Music Promotes Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out vs Guys Night Out

Taylor Swift has dominated all the competition and won four Grammy Album of the Year awards. That means at any given time, 20 of her songs are the most famous thing on the radio, Tik Taks, MTV and all the other places YOUTUBE where these liberals love to stream their music. Apple Beatz by Dre is probably added since her black boyfriend Travis Kelce is in the picture now.

We can easily look to the left and see the problem with all this girl power party music being famous. On the top, we can see three Swifties have all hopped on Kalua spiked Starbucks and Mimosas before noon, so the mood and excuses of drunken wanton carnality can be set for the evening time.

There they will engage in all sorts of secret whispered lesbianism, as promoted by Taylor’s ‘gotcha’ recruitment songs “Seven” and “Betty“.

Oh, you didn’t know your wife or daughters were giving veil lesbianism on those tracks? Try this lyric:

[Betty] But if I just showed up at your party (Innocent Enough)
Would you have me? (Hmm)
Would you want me? (HMMM)
Would you tell me to go f**k myself? (Euphemism for tiddling Satan’s pinto bean and then the full Sally Jessie Raphael)

It is bad enough that song starts with all the nostalgia harmonicas and Landslide Dixie Chicks before they judas’d the country music guitar chords, but then it progresses with those mind-altering lyrics for lesbianed homosexuality.

The song Seven is even more dangerous and I could not complete listening to it because I could feel estrogen’s release in my body. I had to take some TRT and such just do undo it with God-given standards for XY only testosterone.

#3 – Psyops Operation Where Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Will Brainwash America to Vote For Biden After The Super Bowl

This should really be number 1, as it is the BIG REVEAL for 2024. Like any decent American man, we realize that America must revert to a dictatorship where DJT has absolute rule and we plan to unleash this in Project 2024. Under DJT’s rule, America will return to its values of 1776 where male land owners –of a certain tone if you get my drift– will once again rule supreme over woman and property.

The only thing standing in our way is this Taylor Swift and her affable boytoy!

To think, a future where:

  1. Women have the right to choose what happens to their uterus.
  2. Fair pay, decently priced prescriptions, destroying insurance’s monopoly on healthcare and affordable food are a reality.
  3. Freedom of Speech and freedom of not being persecuted by politcians if you get too lippy.
  4. Seperation of Church and State
  5. Branches of government not under the rule of a fuhr DJT.

is a reality is scary. We can make sure all those things above DO NOT HAPPEN if only we can convince the Swifties to not watch the Super Bowl and trick everyone into thinking it is a great thing that the poor have healthcare, everyone is treated fairly and with love and that you can love whoever you want to love. This is NOT HOW IT SHOULD WORK.

It is bad enough their is agenda all over the next Super Bowl. If the 49ers win, we have a year of getting the Gay Bay (San Francisco) and its culture shoved down our throats. If Queen Taylor Swift and King Travis Kelce win, it is Chiefs Kingdom unleashed as with endless endorsement and them coming out to announce we shall live under the rule of Obiden in a new age of liberal darkness, where wanton carnality and mercy upon the middle class and the poors is a feature focus when we really need to be focusing on the wellbeing of our blessed billionaires like Elon Musk, Sir Steve Bannon and DJT –brilliant minds– to call all the shots. Wake up people.

#4 Taylor Swift is Actually Joe Biden in Disguise (Slideshow)

Biden is Taylor Swift

Exhibit C Evidence: Joe Biden is Taylor Swift

It would seem that this is “President” Joe Biden. Look at his blue suit, nice shoes and old man hair. What is that smile hiding? Could it be he is leading a double life? Let’s continue to scroll to find the answer =>

Biden is Taylor Swift

Exhibit D: Now, Joe Biden Adds Blonde Extensions and Cherry Red Chapsticks and Lipsticks

With just a bit of Hollywood magic, we see Biden is already letting out his ‘diva’. Look sort of familiar? Let us continue the evidence to see what happens when Biden takes off that power suit and has someone finish his makeup.

Evidence Joe Biden is Tyler Swift Exhibit C

With just three slides, we see Biden is Taylor Swift in Disguise

And just look that the proof is in the pudding. We see what looks like “Taylor Swift”, but she is really Joe Biden under all that costuming. This is why we never have seen Taylor Swift and Joe Biden at the same place and the same time.

#5 Praying to see what this one should be. Will update once I feel it in my guts and my soul.

Bonus warning from good associate and California Governor candidate Kandiss Taylor:


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13 days ago

I thought you were supposed to be boycotting the Super Bowl forever from a few years ago? What is it about a strong woman that makes you shrivel up buddy>?

Cassidy Pen
Holy Leader
7 days ago

Mason should be commended for warning us all of the dangers of Taylor Swift and Brandon Bide. His use of words to paint a bleak picture of out collective future under a continued leftist regime should have a sobering effect on all.

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