Trump is a Traitor, How Could We Have Not Seen This Coming?

As more and more is revealed of the Trump presidency, it is totally troubling –nay– disconcerting that Trump has so fully deceived us. Quite frankly, there is no way any of us Republicans, Christians or the Moral Majority could have seen this coming?

The newest allegation is that Trump shared our second most powerful gift from God, our nuclear secrets, with foreign nationals. In specific, Trump allegedly gave key details on the US Navy’s elite submarine nuclear fleet to foreign nationals. In that information, Trump told others –including Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt– how many nuclear warheads the US naval ships are carrying and how the secrets of how close the US fleet can get to Russian vessels without being detected.

Pratt then allegedly happily passed this information on to dozens of contacts.

Per Hans Kristensen, director of the Federation of American Scientists Nuclear Information: “The sub silencing data is very hush,” and “People have gone to jail for revealing that kind of information.”

Per insider reports from Washington, DC, the amount of sensitive information Trump has leaked is not limited to nuclear submarines and more will be revealed. There are other reports that Trump is actually not fairly religious and ‘suckered’ the moral Right for votes and our fanatical support of anyone or anything righteous.

The question is: how did this come to be? How did the sneaking wolf get into the coop of decency. The answer is this is all Obama’s fault. He was so bent on making the United States uber-liberal and woke, that he allowed the wool to be pulled over our eyes and now there is no good way out. If we stop supporting Trump, it will make us all look bad and then Biden and his buddies can sit there and crack back cold Bud Lights, wildly laughing their way to 2024 landslide victories saying ‘Told ya so!’ and then pass all sorts of terrible liberal policies in celebration.

If we support Trump, on the other hand, no telling what sort of Anti-American, Anti-Christians, Anti-Reagan stuff he will dream up next. What will it be? Give Alaska back to the Russians with a cute Christmas card? Jail Christians who don’t pay the government a tax? Undo the 13th amendment and make the black population indentured servants again? Only rich land owners can vote?

There is no limit to this type of Judasery and as Christ himself can attest, denying Thomas’ and Judas’ will sell you out for nothing more than a pat on the head of their own ego.

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