Top Seven Reasons Black People Need to Confess Taylor Swift is Better Than Beyonce

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Top Seven Reasons Black People Need to Confess Taylor Swift is Better Than Beyonce

A big secret in the black community is that despite incredibly loud support of the Beyonce, it is well known deep down that Beyonce simply does not hold a candle to the superstar of Taylor Swift.

Black folk will never always admit this in public but it is a known known. From the spectacular concerts to the pitch-perfect vocals, Taylor Swift is a true musical virtuoso whose musical stylings have tremendous influence on multiple artists and inspire a new generation of youngers to new heights.

Here are the top ten reasons why black people secretly know and need to start just being upfront with confessing about Taylor Swift’s musical superiority to Beyonce.

  1.  Music – Taylor Swift’s musical stylings lift the mind, body and spirit, much like an inspiring Psalm.  While Beyonce’s music has seen some commercial success, this is largely due to the talented marketing firms around her image and cultural bias from black music DJs.  Despite not getting a fair shake on channels like BET or urban radio markets, Taylor Swift’s music still manages to permeate all culture and is enjoyed by a far wider margin and cultural cross-section.  Take one of Taylor Swift’s best songs “All Too Well” (any version) against Beyonce’s best effort, a song called “Daddy” and you will easily see why Taylor is better.
  2. Beauty – Millions of walls around America are adorned with one woman – Taylor Swift.  For over a decade, magazines like Maxim have voted Taylor Swift the most beautiful women in the world.  With her flawless all-American hue and blonde hair, lips active and adorned with a shiny gloss and eyes that scream determination and devotion and it is no wonder everyone cannot get enough of her.  Contrast that with Beyonce, who has unhealthy curves and struggles to keep up with dance routines.  Her hair is oft not laid around the edges and it is rumored her husband got so frustrated with her appearance that he had to cheat on her to keep sane.
  3. Choice in Men – Speaking of husbands, Beyonce married a settle down man who could have been the local gravely voice hustler at the barber in any other life.  Taylor Swift, in contrast, has kept her palate light and clean, dating all-American hunks the most recent of which is none other than Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce.  Taylor Swift has not settled down into marriage yet as none are worth to put the seed of life into her blessed and beautiful womb, unlike Beyonce who settled ages ago as there wasn’t ‘much good milk left to offer’ so she caved to the first frog-eyed farm hand who came along to tuck her udders.
  4. Dance Moves – Beyonce’s moves are heavy and painfully rehearsed, like 90s era Janet Jackson with lead feet.  Take this into contrast with Taylor Swift, whose exuberance when she bounces on stage in a Wonder Woman styled leotard that screams patriotism and 4th of July is not hampered by a rap girlfriend’s ‘bodonky dank’ aka Karadashian backside.  It is painful to watch an oversize Houston thighed woman dance in leotards and refreshing to see Swift’s proper proportions in contrast.  Everyone agrees with this deep down.  
  5. Bee-hive vs Swifties – Swifties are comprised namely of career women with future business leaders of America with good taste.  Suburban raised.  Keep the body fit with sports and sun-kissed tan with vacation and plenty of vitamin D by the pool.  Good credit scores allow them to casually laugh and relax after buying a $3000 concert ticket for a memorable night out with friends.  Contrast that with the Bee-hive (aka Bey-hive).  Angry.  Attitudes.  Waking up with crusty mouths and sleep in the eyes, no good night sleep as they are stressed over buying a concert ticket where they had to choose between paying rent, getting gas in the car or feeding the baby.  All for what?  To see a half-inspired concert?
  6. Memorability – A dozen years from now, people will hear Beyonce and ask what sort of sceance rituals were people doing in the 2020s?  Contrast this with Taylor Swift.  Her music will live through with names like Bach.  Mozart.  Dubussey.  See how ‘Beyonce’ doesn’t roll off the tongue when you mention the greats?  Swift’s music stylings will pass the test of time and space.  It is trascending.
  7. Cultural Impact – As mentioned, the truths being revealed in this expose are already known to the African-American community.  I’m just going against the grain and saying the secrets out loud. 

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