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Masons Mancave

Swifties Celebrate Video That Allegedly Shows Taylor Swift Shrank Kelce’s Manhood

Taylor Swift’s media war against Republican men has surpassed the wildest dreams of liberals, but now it looks like they are taking collateral damage. In

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Newborn Mother Irate With Doctor After He Tells Her To Not Take Lords Vain in Childbirth

A doctor is in hot water after a newborn mother reported the doctor told her ‘Do not use the Lord’s name in vain’ as she
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Is Exotic Jason Mamoa Setting Unreasonable Health and Beauty Standards for Men?

Jason Mamoa gains unfathomable fame and fortune through daily advertisements of his gleaming pecs, deep broody eyes and surfer wet voice to women worldwide. His
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God’s Got Me. Looking Forward to What’s Next.

The world is in peril. Never before in the history of humanity have we fallen so low. The liberal hoards are clamoring to take over
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July, 2021

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