Social Media Posts Allege Dwight Howard is Gay and Had Secret Parties with Diddy and Will Smith

Social media is a crazy bag. The latest tomfoolery comes from YouTube and TikTok. Dwight Howard, who the munchkin Golden State Warriors refused to sign, is once again being accused of homosexuality.

The newest accusations come after apparent legal proceedings that may allege Howard did some unbecoming things. It is still not obvious why people in America care so much about what adults do in the bedroom, but that’s just our society.

An example of the social media pouring out on this:


#Dwight #Howard #comes #Out of #Closet & #Exposes #Hollywood #Men he #SLEPT #With? ( #Will Smith, Diddy..?. Part 2 👍👍 #todaynews #hotnews #hotdrama #News #todaydrama

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Is it true or not. Even though Dwight does look corny with those braids laid like that in the lead image the bigger question again is why short-ass teams like the Warriors are not drafting him. Of course, if there is some legal legitimacy to recent allegations those should be dealt with, but like most things in America all the other should not matter.

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