It Is Time For America To Invade Iran and Bomb The World Into a New Age of Christian Righteousness

Let’s face it. We have all seen enough. Tragedy after tragedy has proven one thing: it is time for America to invade Iran and reign in a new age of Christian rule for humanity.

Left to their vices, any region without strong American influence and rule will fall to Godlessness and chaos. In the Europas, we see the fiasco of Brexit and governments caving to blue collar terror. In the Africas and Latino lands, roughshod gangs usurp political power with AK-47, smuggling drugs and ruling the citzenry with mob violence. Then i the Middle East, the holiest of lands, the terrorists have rosen yet again.

This is to be the new American century and millenium, but under the weak rule of peace. War wages in the holiest of lands, no American inflience or control in sight. For over a year now, we have seen the people of Ukraine struggle to keep democracy alive under the cold boot of Soviet jealousy and oppression. Oh, democracy is a fragile boat, one too many wayward waves or sneak attack and it will sink.

That is why God has blessed America with aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, a military budget that dwarves any economy and an unprecedented imperial ability that for years this nation has refused to use. But that time has come and Iran needs to be ground zero for America’s decision to rebuild the world.

With 90s era technology, America was able to bring freedom to Iraq and out Saddam Hussein on only a fornight. Just imagen what an AI-driven, silenced drone initiated attack could do these days. Then throw in the entirety of America and its lesser military allies and Iran would suffer a similar fate. But unlike the weak yellow-bellied Colin Powell or even President Trump some 50 years prior, it is time for leadership who will strike while the Iran is hot.

Today Senator Lindsay Graham took a stand and called for America and Israel to rain hellfire and damnation upon any Middle Eastern nation who would dare hurt a hostage. Well, that time is past. People have been hurt and it is time — in the name of holiness — for America to invade Iran. Then, with all the oil in that nation, launch bomb generous offensives against any nation who will not take a knee and bow and confess who their true Lord is.

Within a generation, the world will have unprecedented peace as America sweeps through places like Iran, North Korea, Eastern Russua and any other lands whose people deserve and need to be free of these aggressive, Godless atheist governments who will just not do right.

Let us pray: Dear Heavenly Father, please give Senator Lindsay Graham the fortitude to rally his colleagues and declare war upon any nation who does not fear the wrath of God and America’s arsenal. Please, let us arise in a new age of Christian rightousness, where all are free and Biblical law reign supreme. As intended.

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