Weed. The Talk We All Need to Have

You may have heard it by many names. The Devil’s Lettuce. Satan’s Secret Smokestack. Bobby’s Bammies.

Weed. No matter how you cut it or look at it, there is always one truth in the end: it is dangerous and is a gateway drug to hell, prostitution and death.

Agenda scientists all across the world are faking up studies to trick government officials into legalazing pot in your neighborhood. Rest assured, it starts with just a little new ordinance. Then it goes to cutsie little bake shops and shaman CBD stores. The shopkeepers will say ‘Oh, no worry, it’s all of Earth and natural.’

But you know what else is all of Earth and natural? Drug money. Sleezy motels. Your daughter rejecting college for a life of drug needles, abortions, smeared mascara and turning tricks for a pimper man in molehair suit. Sitting all in your neighborhood.

This is no radical exaggeration but just the cold hard facts. This is the weed talk we all need to have. This is your future if we do not stop together to stop weed smoking.

There will be sceptics who will say this is not true. Well, for those who walk by sight and not by faith here are some cold hard scientific facts:

Prostitution and Weed: The Cold Hard Correlations

Psychologists have well established the link between maryjane and women’s uncontrollobale desire to ‘put it out’ after just internal exposures to cannabis. Look at the numbers:

Review of this data is grueling, depressing and defeating. All it takes is to ban this wicked plant from your neighborhood is to demand it all be burned up along with any books or legislation that tries to make it seem body friendly, when in fact it is destroying lives.

I will leave you with this horror story. There was once a documentary named “Weeds” that told the story of a nice suburban wife named Nancy Botwin. One day, she had a nuclear family and a beautiful home. Three days later, weed was legalized and it was dodging the cops, bullet holes in the Mercedes and cheating on her husband with melanated weed mobsters:

People will try to play their small violins and claims “Oh, I need it medically.” This is a lie. There is nothing the weed can do that prayer cannot do. Always remember this truth and be well.

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