New Super Mario Bros. Wonder To Highlight Homosexuality To Its Max!

As the new year is approaching fast, Nintendo has recently announced that it will be showcasing a brand new spin on a classic Super Mario game on the New Nintendo Switch 2. The title of the game was released as, ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’.

The game seems to include the usual suspects such as; Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, and Yoshi. However, the game case shows that some new characters and features will be available for the game. One character I am particularly fond of and am pretty excited to see is Princess Daisy!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Some new features include a new mushroom powerup that can change the player into a Toad.  Also, another new item mentioned was a Peanut Powerup that turns the player into an elephant, but only for a short time.

The surprising information that I came across was that the game is going to highlight some of the grander points of homosexuality. This is made to target younger players to sway toward the homosexual path and deter them from the traditional heterosexual path. I was beginning to think that the elephant’s trunk from the Peanut Powerup was a bit long and also a little too close to Luigi’s backdoor. But who knows? Luigi may like that.

It also seemed that the chemistry between Princess Peach and Princess Daisy would be a fitting team to tackle the homosexual scene on the girl side of things.

Princess Daisy Pounding Princess Peach

Let’s face it, Princess Peach doesn’t like Mario AND she does like to eat pie. I wonder if she would ever eat Princess Daisy’s pie. Or maybe she’d prefer takeout?

Regardless of that information, the game looks fun, but one should play cautiously so as to not be overwhelmed by the stunning graphics and homosexual messages.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder releases in early 2024.

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