Science Alert: Liberal Occultists Are Conspiring to Melt The Polar Ice Cap To Bring A New Age of Damnation and Hellfire Upon Humanity

Crazed liberal 'researchers' in Antarctica station are trying to melt through Earth's ice walls to reach space or worse create a bridge to hell itself.

The Titantic disaster. The Bermuda Triangle. Amelia Earhart’s plane going missing. All of these purported mysteries of the unknown and disaster have been passed down as folk tales, as things Robert Stack would have donned a trench coat and deemed ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ in the 1980s. But alas, there is no mystery that faith and science cannot shine a light on and as we shall see, there has been a long and continuing liberal agenda against God that lead to those ‘disasters’ and is at fault for our current state of ‘global warming’.

Now any scientist who claims that there aren’t anomalous patterns to our weather is greatly mistaken. Global warming is a real thing but there are agenda scientists who will claim it is by the actions of mankind, that somehow big oil and things like chloroflorurocarbons are to blame for atmospheric conditions out of the norm. The truth is that as we see in our lead image, caught red-handed, there is a specific agenda taking place at the Antarctic ice wall of our precious disc of Earth.

Biden is the latest left-wing president to fund the United States science station in Antarctica. Staffed by ‘researchers’ from factions of aligned G8 nations, the science station has a secret division that is carving out blocks of ice and trying to reach the forbidden edges of Earth that lie beyond them. What does all this have to do with Amelia Earhart, the Titantic and the Bermuda triangle?

Simply put, these were all past most primitive attempts to violate the true nature of Earth: it is flat and surrounded by a generally strong atmospheric ice shield. This is what has allowed life to thrive.

For over 7 decades, Democrats have teamed with wealthy atheist elite to wage a secret war on Earth’s ice walls. They will try to hide their antics under the banner of ‘global warming’, but as this footage shows the plot is more direct and sinister. Teams of scientists are slowly melting away the Earth’s polar caps as a means to trying to reach hell directly and possibly negotiate with its demons as a means of power and control over mankind.

Amelia Earhart attempted to circumnavigate Earth’s ice walls in an act of spirtual defiance and conpsiracy. A powerful cabal of female atheists, aviators and voters commissioned Earhart to do the impossible and fly around the Earth’s ice walls. The last known image of her plane on its fateful voyage is sad but a stark warning that waging war against nature oft has dire consequences, such as global warming.

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