New Nintendo Switch 2 To Feature New Pokemon Game

A handful of news has tumbled out of the world of Nintendo! The gaming company has recently filed for a new patent that definitely showcases a new handheld gaming system. And, it certainly seems like it is similar to the 2017 Nintendo Switch! The handheld system shows great similarity to its predecessor but with differences.

As shown here, the new system seems to have been rid of the detachable joycons. It also looks to have one joystick(left) and four buttons (right). It also has the standard shoulder buttons at the top. Some leaked information is that the home screen on the device will have buttons (for navigation) on the bottom rather than the traditional top or center of the screen.

Aside from the handheld system itself, other leaked information has it that a slew of new games will be coming out about the same time as the system. One of which is a flagship Pokemon game! The game is said to have the feel of Pokemon Go and be more group-based rather than solo-player. This would be Nintendo’s attempt to bring Pokemon Trainers, Masters, and Veterans together to (what I’m assuming) make up for lost time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another bit of leaked information from the gaming giant is that the worldwide release dates for the flagship Pokemon game and the handheld system are (as of right now) early February 2024!

Are you looking forward to this change in consoles?

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