Playstation Company To Hire Exotic AI Dancers For Employees

A wave of shocking news has erupted from the gaming world! The heads of the gaming giant, Playstation, have hired several crates of AI exotic dancers to help improve the mood and overall work environment of the company.

Exotic AI Robot Dancers

Playstation had previously recruited several mental health analysts and institutions to survey and rate the work environment of the employees, game developers, IT Desk associates, and cafeteria workers at the company. As expected, the work environment for the hard-working programmers and game developers was incredibly poor and almost inhumane! Not only were the employees overworked, but they were not taking scheduled breaks to eat or take in a brisk walk for fresh air. In one report, in particular, the analyst claims to have seen some of the employees wearing adult diapers because they were not allowed to leave their stations until their task was complete!

Enraged by such accusations, the CEO of Playstation made a few phone calls and tugged a few strings. As a result, Playstation hired several top-of-the-line AI exotic dancers to help ease some of the poor atmospheres of the PlayStation workplace.

Much of the work environments had improved since the introduction of the robots and many employees had released much of their sexual tension that had been building up within the workplace. Needless to say, it would seem that AI has a place in our world after all.

So, what do you think? Do think that AI has a future in the workplace?

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