Trump Wants Police to Shoot Shoplifters Dead on The Spot, No Trial or Constitutional Law Needed

Weeks after President Joe Biden stood with middle class workers who protested for higher wages, Donald Trump aggressively started to campaign for middle class voters. Instead of bothering with class warfare, the former president instead appealed to good ol’ mob rule and laid out his sure-fire way to gain middle class votes with a proposal to skip the legal process as prescribed by the US consitution’s guarantee of a court trial.

Would It Be So Bad For Police To Kick Back Outside Stores With Guns Ready, Cold Beers in Hand and Sitting in Deer Stands Up Above to Pick Off Shoplifters?

President Trump was forced to once again give common sense advice in a speech and posit a simple solution to America’s shoplifting problem:  let’s all ignore the competition and give police carte blanc to shoot whoever they think looks suspicious when they walk out of a shopping center.  For far too long, police have had to wait to Mirandize a possible criminal and then treat them like a delicate flower as they get them adjusted in the back of the police cruiser.

The problem with this is it invites opportunity for bad attitude and conflict from the perp.  We’ve all seen too many videos where LEOs have to go through the motions of turning on their body cameras and then the perp gets all sort of opportunity for dramatics and theatrics with the camera lights on.  Loudly claiming wild things like police ‘got the wrong guy’ or the perennial favorite of late ‘I got a baby in the car’ or ‘I have my asthma flaring officer I cannot breathe’ as if you could talk during an asthma attack.  It is all increasing the tax burden on the public and giving criminals wiggle room, which is just not necessary.

Under President Trump’s new plan, we can skip giving criminals theatrics and trust the police to judge who looks guilty and needs to get a good shoot.  People forget that police get a full 833 hours of training which comes out to five months.  That is more than a semester of college they get and that is plenty of time to learn the executive, legaslative and judicial 

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