Ask Alysyn: As a Man, What Can I Do To Not Be Single Forever?

Dear Alysyn,

I am 34 years old, bald, hardly bearded (not for want of trying), average build and very much a stay home body.  I think I still have wonderful qualities, but a friend of mine shot my confidence down when she told me ‘you are going to be single forever’.  I have not dated since my college years.  My friend told me I need to have better hygiene, keep my apartment cleaner and actually go out to meet nice women.  That sort of goes against my disdain for the world.  I do get lonely and thought, why not ask?  You’re cute and may be able to give me some tips.

– Not So High in Denver

Dear Not So High in Denver,

If your signature sign-off means what it thinks, you are halfway to the point of success.  The last thing you need in life is to be high on illicit substances.  If your friend who told you ‘You are going to be single forever’ is a trusted friend, ask her for more details and thank her for at least her opinion.  If you have a stinky apartment, clean it up.  If you have a stinky body, clean it up.  Join a gym, walk around and meander, then shower there too.  Habits are born of consistency.  If you want to meet a nice lady, then you would definitely be best met meeting someone in person.  Keep moving but also enjoy your time alone, there is nothing wrong with being an introvert.

– Alysyn

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