I Am A Christian Woman Who Slept With Two Guys in One Day And Wasn’t Struck By Lightning

Despite what some high-collared and professionally ignorant knuckle-draggers may have you think, a woman’s bodily autonomy is not owned by mankind or even God.

This week’s journal is inspired by the recent story of a woman from Australia who slept with over 300 men in one day. Now, while the feat in itself speaks to the endurance of womanhood, it is also a telling lesson in how the people who hate it the most -conservatives who froth at the mouth at the thought of getting to legislate a woman’s reproductive area – missed one of the biggest lessons in their big book of facts.

Annie Knight, pictured left, is the woman who slept with over 300 men in one year. After being shunned by her company for using her body how she wants, Knight decided to keep her OF account open. She makes nearly $1000 a day, an easy $365,000 a year.

Despite her now earning a living that outdoes that of surgeons, Annie is still being looked down on because she is using her body how she wants.

As a woman who has colleagues who too exist as jokesters or true knuckle-draggers, it is very much a double-standard to hear about guys getting high-fived for ‘scoring’ but then I will tell my truth, like the time I slept with two guys in one day, I’m labeled a Jezebel and then have my profile critiqued with ‘this is the type of thing that is going to get you cast into fire’.

The thing is that there was no problem with me choosing to use my body how I wanted to use it. I enjoyed every second of that day and if I choose, will do it again.

To me, judging a person as lesser a woman or not a Christian for enjoying our bodies represents a special breed of insecurity in a world that does not need that sort of toxic behavior.

After a very painful breakup of an engagement, I was depressed. I lost my shape, I did not use my sharp mind and I felt broken in spirit. It took a long road and therapy to get back to me and the first day I truly felt that way was captured by a friend in this image.

Apparently, however, may happiness is not good enough and ‘The Lord shalt smite the Jezebel and get your RINO hide off our payroll’ amongst other ‘comments’ emailed to me by people who report to be ‘Moral Leaders’ in this community.

All that said, I have no shame and plan to stand strong. If you believe thunderbolts and lightning from heaven come from sinners, it looks like the lord must have cracked back a cold one, gave a thumbs up and said ‘Atta girl’ for all this because lightning has not struck me nor even Annie Knight yet.

Live your life and be happy.

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