Men’s Ministry ‘Teach A Woman to Pray Instead of Stray’ Event Huge Success

Marriages are failing at cataclysmic rates and the immorality of women is to blame. Ask any woman she will throw out the same tired excuses. “I was lonely. The kids stressed me into a moment of weakness. I had a few drinks. It didn’t have emotional meaning.”

All of this are serpent tongued lies. While men tend to be trustworthy and instead of going to something like “Girl’s Night Out”, are more likely to remain chaste and catch a game with the guys, take your son fishing or have a good ol’ fashioned Bible study, studies show these events are considered ‘boring’ to a woman and given the chance women will cheat most of the time.

Given these social truths, we tasked our men’s youth ministry with promoting and carrying out an event to teach women to pray in their inevitable moments of weakness. Women are predators of opportunity who like to stalk their pray. Just watch a nature video. While a male lion has honor, female lions scheme and feast upon the blood of the innocent. That is why no good female vixens are typically called ‘cougars’ or ‘puma catamounts’. They love nothing more than to seduce some poor strapping college lad and mount upon him with their sizzling sin spots.

Brother Hakeem leads a group of women who attended ChristWire Men’s Ministries “Teach Women to Pray Instead of Stray” event. The young women learned the fundamentals of keeping their minds holy and focused on prayer, instead of plotting to sneak off to girls night out and doing debauchery then claiming innocent the next day.

Following the harrowing reports that of the 50% of marriages end in divorce, 67% of those divorces indetify ‘infidility’ as the casual reason and the vast majority of those were the fault of Christian women, there is obviously a great amount of work to be done. The young women who completed the workshop received a certificate and a stamp card. Every time their sin-bribing gal pals invite them out and are rebuked, the women will get a stamp on it. After ten stamps are completed, the card can be redeemed for a free night of husband or pastor approved activity. The women who enrolled in this program will surely learn valuable skill that will help them in their current or future marriages.

Thank you again to Brother Hakeem and the Men’s Ministry staff who held this event.

  • Pastor Bynum

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