Watching The New York Jets Suffer is Divine

As a lifelong Giants fan, the only thing worse than have to drive to Jersey for a game is having to endure the stench attitudes that come with New York Jets fans.

This year, no matter where you went, the insufferable name ‘Aaron Rodgers’ was all that came from the lips of the Jets. Sure, Rodgers has some sound ideas when it comes to politics and the workings of our great nation, but all that stops the moment he brings his pony tail and faux everyman Tony Danza persona onto the football field. The way the Jets fans would have you to believe, their signing of Aaron Rodgers was some fever pitch realization that no longer would the Dallas Cowboys’ Ttroy Aikman and Emmit Smith be considered the Lord’s chosen sons to play on America’s God-given team, but instead it was all about Aaron Rodgers.

Hah! Ankle injury early in the year. Sorry Aaron, but that is the way the grass turns sometime and it has been nothing but pure joy watching Zach Wilson suffer like a wide-eyed doe the last few weeks. Today, the announcer said, “Incredulous, the Jets fans have become boo-birds” and that is typical. Jets fans are known Benedict Arnolds and the reason why we will be forever doomed to play games in Metlife but that is beyond the point.

The divine suffering of the Jets is well-earned and let it be known, the spirit of Joe Namath is always in New York, but these days, definitely cheers for the boys in blue.

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