Under Dark Liberal Era, Workplace Harassment of Men Sees All Time High

Bent To Her Dominating Will. Every man who works in a modern office has been here before. Layed out over his female supervisor or coworker’s desk, prone and vulnerable as she makes snapping commentary about his backside or becomes even more forceful with her harassment. Women use the modern office as a ‘good ol’ gals’ club where they let their estrogen fueled lust run wild and take out their desires to rut upon their male counterparts.

We all know the troubling stats and history. For every man in the office, there is a 67% chance he has been harassed by a female superior or co-worker. For all those cases, there is a 97% chance he carries the painful secret of his harassment throughout the day and back home to his family, not wanting to confide of all the undue things he has to endure ‘to keep his job’.

In this mad new world ruled by liberal politicking and bullying of decent men, workplace harassment of the male employee is commonplace and expected. Women will sit in catty circles, commenting on the glutes and ‘package imprint’ of a man wearing a gray pair of slacks. Women in the workplace will loudly belch and let out other body functions, but should a man seek such a release he will be branded a rutting boar and perhaps lose his job. High-fives between female co-workers as they freely slap each other’s behinds and rule what was once man’s second kingdom – the office place – epitomize exactly why the world is in a recession and why so many men are uptight, depressed and harassed.

This is compounded by the fact that not only are women allowed to be temptresses in the workplace, but in fact they are encouraged to bring provoking sensuality into a professional setting.

The most egregious example of this fact, and it is now standard worldwide to allow women to breastfeed and breast pump out in the open. They can take machines made by Medela and behind a clear, see through suction cup, allow this machine to rhythmically pulse their udders to bring forth a sweet scented confection, right in the middle of the office floor. Women will oft point their short skirts and actively lactated chests toward their male workers cubicle, confusing his mind and making him pliable for her next move to get gratification at his confused, glancing eyes, not wanting to make eye-contact with the blatant attempt at seduction.

It only gets worse from there.

Bob from New Jersey wrote in: “It happened to me first thing in the morning. Right before my eyes, ‘Rochelle’ pulled out her busoms and stared at me as a machine methodically massaged her womanhood and brought forth her milks. She smiled and kept eye contact, as if this were normal but in reality this was disturbing my sanity. She continued to do this for weeks on end and it caused me marital problems, which she knew as she would wink when she asked about my wife. She knew what she was doing.

The encounter from Bob is all too common and men are finally speaking out more about it. There are thousands of Rochelles roaming cubicles worldwide, teamed up with their pride of lionesses and preying upon innocent male coworkers by exposing a bit more thigh from their skirts at first or perhaps acting unawares of how much cleavage they expose from Bed Bath and Beyond scented bosoms. The fact is they know and they are playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse, where they are toying with their prey before going in for the kill.

Editor’s Note: Have you been harassed by a female coworkers and want to share your story?

Friends of faith, the plight of the male coworkers is dismal and scary. As we saw in today’s expose, men worldwide are facing workplace harassment and seducation at record rates. Have you fallen victim to the wiles of female aggressions of lust in the workspace? If so, please share your story with us. Several guests may be reached out to and flown out to discuss on our ‘Matters of Faith’ teleseries filmed in Chicago.

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Merri Roger
16 days ago

She is giving him a right buggering. This is SAD but seems to be a global phenomena now. Even back home in Australia the animals and their roles are being turned upside down.

Sherwood Bynum
Sherwood Bynum
16 days ago
Reply to  Merri Roger

Is it like Aussie rules football down there? If so a little rugby scrum in the office place isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Just depends on the looks of those in the scrum.

Sherwood Bynum
Sherwood Bynum
16 days ago

You do what you have to do to climb that corporate ladder. No shame in that game, but when convenient is when you hit her with all the recorded evidence.

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