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    The Walking Dead: Hillary Clinton Orders Death of Glenn

    by Riggin Goodman - View all comments

    Fans of hit television show The Walking Dead are in mourning today after learning the victim of Neegan and his bat Lucille is none other than series favorite Glenn. Insiders to the show reveal that originally, producers planned for only Abraham Ford to die in the season finale.  But they allegedly received an ominous phone call directly from the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, demanding that Glenn be killed off as well and that she would be by the set to […]

    Gays Create Pokemon Go To Destroy Straight Marriage?

    by Frank Meyer - View all comments

    Sources are reporting a record number of couples are filing for divorce this summer and blaming the gay-power app Pokemon Go! “What many consumers fail to realize is that Pokemon was created in Japan as a dating game for homosexuals.  Pokemon literally means ‘Pocket Monster’ in Japanese, with pocket monster being euphemism for a male’s reproductive organ,” reports the St. Olaf Conservative Tribune. Pokemon Go! stands for ‘Pokemon Gay Overload!’ or fully translated, “Pocket Monster, Gay Overload!”.  This next generation […]

    Pokémon Go Player Finds Body

    by Brad Haegelmann - View all comments

    A Pokémon Go player discovered a body floating in a brook in New Hampshire.  The Pokémon game lead the player to a secluded location where the body was located, according to officer Robert Giggi of the Nashua police department. Police do not suspect anything suspicious took place, but will release further details after an investigation.

    McCain: “Obama is Directly Responsible For the Orlando Shooting”

    by Abe - View all comments

    Barack Obama is directly responsible for the Orlando nightclub shooting.  As reported by Senator John McCain, the president of the United States is to blame for the tragedy.  Here is the video:


    The Trump Show Isn’t Funny

    by Sandra O'connor - View all comments

      In an interview with John Kasich from Yahoo News and Politics, he stated that he was not impressed with the progress Donald Trump was making in his campaign. When asked what he was going to about voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump when the time comes, he looked almost baffled and told the media, “I’m waiting to see if at this point there’s going to be a Damascus Road experience, a dramatic change,” Kasich said. “And I haven’t seen […]


    Women to Register for the Military Draft

    by Sandra O'connor - View all comments

    In a recent Senate session, Ted Cruz suggested that women be required to register for the military draft starting January, 18, 2017. This would be a radical change in the American military history for the books. The ages for the requirement would be from 18-25, just like with men who are required to register for military draft. This system has been used since World War II and Vietnam. “The modern draft system was set up in 1948 during the Cold […]


    Clinton And Sanders Meet To Plan To Take On Trump

    by Cadence Appleton - View all comments

    After winning the Primaries, Hillary Clinton met up with Bernie Sanders  for almost two full hours at a local restaurant to come up with a plan to take on Donald Trump. The two have come together to take on this mad man and defeat him before he destroys the country and lead us to ruin. When interviewed by Yahoo News and politics Hillary stated, “We’ve talked about the “dangerous threat Donald Trump poses to the nation.” The Clinton camp said the pair […]


    Zelda The Breath of the Wild box art and Ganon confirmed

    by Sandra O'connor - View all comments

    Here’s the box art for the new Zelda game, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, we’re currently going crazy about. It features artwork we saw a while back, with Link aiming his bow. Now, don’t get me wrong, the art is pretty, but considering how amazing the game’s world looks, it seems a shame not to see a beautiful landscape on the cover.   As you can see from the box art, Amiibo support is indeed confirmed for the […]


    The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild reveals skinny dipping

    by Sandra O'connor - View all comments

    The recently revealed game at the Nintendo Conference at E3 has confirmed skinny dipping to be a new detail on Link’s high rolling adventures. In this brand new Hyrule there are ponds and lakes a plenty to be found. The creators of the game Mr. Anouma thought it would be a relief for the hero to take a break from travelling and cool himself off in a pond or lake. He felt that this action to skinny dip would be […]


    Nintendo Confirms Zelda U Will Reflect Zelda The Wind Waker

    by Sandra O'connor - View all comments

    This morning at the E3 Conference Nintendo confirmed one of the greatest things ever! The wonderful new Legend of Zelda adventure released for the Wii U and NXT consoles will reflect the adventures of the Zelda The Wind Waker. The game will introduce new adventures, characters, and even ways of transportation for getting around the massive playing field. The layout will also reflect a little bit like Dungeons and Dragons. You will need to by special amiibo cards in order […]


    Sony Announces Crash Bandicoot is Being Remastered for Playstation 5

    by Sandra O'connor - View all comments

    You know the excited feeling when the screen turns on for the live stream of E3 and you see your childhood games being remade and remastered into beautiful masterpieces for your children and your inner child to enjoy all over again! Well, it’s happening to one of the timeless pieces of games ever in the history of all of the cruddy Playstation games (except Spyro The Dragon). That’s right kiddos. Crash Bandicoot is coming to the all new Playstation 5! […]


    Lebron James Caught Crying to Mama Ref After He Fails To Get Varejão Kicked Out of The Game

    by Cadence Appleton - View all comments

    It’s no surprise that Lebron James is a decent basketball player and shady human being with lots of money. We all know he’s not the smartest of players in the NBA, but when he has to result to cheating and poor sportsmanship, that’s when the referees need to pay attention and call the right calls. Lebron’s team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Steph Curry’s team, the Golden State Warriors, went head to head tonight to win the hearts of the […]

    Brexit: England Plans to Leave the EU and Become America’s 51st State

    by Hank Dalton - View all comments

      New insider reports reveal that England is planning to leave the European Union and become the 51st state.  In a secret deal brokered by the Obama Adminstration and Parliament members loyal to rule by the Royal Family, the United Kingdom is to soon leave the European Union and consider making the United States dollar the standard currency for the nation. Other members of the EU are in a panic. Britons will get to vote on June 23rd to vote to […]

    Tragedy at Club Pulse in Orlando Reminder That We Are All Human, Deserve Better Than This

    by Johnny Rocca - View all comments

    It is sad that at times it takes a great act of horror to bring us together to remember one thing:  we are all humans and at the end of the day, deserve happiness. Not to dig too deep into politics so soon after such travesty, only weeks ago the political landscape of America was on fire as citizens argued over transgender rights in public restrooms.  Some argued they would not feel safe with a person of switched gender in […]