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    bush microscope curing ebola

    President Bush Cures Ebola, Destroys Obama’s Plan To Destroy Jesus and Create A New Age of Liberal Darkness

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      Late last week, President George W. Bush rushed to the CDC with an entourage of men.  He hurriedly looked over his shoulder, his small dispatch of secret service agents on high alert. In his right hand, President Bush held a small, black briefcase.  There was a cooling unit attached to the briefcase. A sudden raucous appeared up the street.  A fleet of black, unmarked vans sped toward Bush’s entourage.  His men formed a human shield in front of the […]


    Obama and Eric Holder Help Rioters Loot Stores in Ferguson

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     Obama flosses his blinged blingy after secretly rioting and robbing a jewelry store with ‘his people’ last night in Ferguson, Missouri. Here we see picture evidence of President Obama being a typical Chicago thug.  Last night, Ferguson police reported that two suspiciously black males wore masks and broke into a local jewelry store. It is no coincidence that Obama whereabouts last night are ‘unknown’ and that his little flunky Eric Holder was also in Ferguson, sizing up the local police […]


    Ferguson Missouri Outlaws “Being Black in Public”, Shoot 8 and Arrest 93 Blacks For Breaking New Law

    by Jerry Cohen - View all comments

    Ferguson police release sketch of what they think a ‘normal black’ may look like on the street, so that non-black residents can easily identify and report when they see one. Police forces in Ferguson report higher than ever black crime rate after a new city ordinance that disallows ‘public displays of blackness’ took effect early Thursday morning. “The black situation was just getting out of control,” a spokesman for the city’s police reported under condition of anonymity. “There were just […]

    china to save ferguson

    China Threatens To Invade Ferguson Missouri, “These Human Rights Violations Are Even Too Evil For Us To Accept”

    by Jerry Cohen - View all comments

    Early Thursday morning, Chinese officials announced plans to invade Ferguson, Missouri, to put a stop to ‘the blatant human rights violations being afflicted upon America’s minorities.” Egypt and Iran vowed to send troops and supplies to Ferguson, Missouri, as well, helping to bolster the Chinese invasion of the small Missouri town that is ‘obviously a stronghold of terrorism.” Chinese President Xi Jinping weighed in on the matter, “These Chinese people have made it clear that they find the blatant slaughter […]

    baraka Jameelah obama

    Exclusive: Barack Obama’s Secret Twin Sister Reveals Herself For The First Time, Confirms Fears We Have Always Had About Barack

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    Baraka Jameelah Obama, Barack Obama’s older sister by 1 minute and 6 seconds. On August 4, 1961, 53 years ago, Barack Hussein Obama was born to Barack Obama, Sr., and Ann Dunham.  Dunham was proud as she always dreamed that one day she would be a mother.  But as it turns out, she was already a mother, because she gave birth to a twin girl only 1 minute and 6 seconds earlier. Baraka Obama sat down for her first media interview […]



    by Abe - View all comments

    My anger is riled against China right now! Today as I researched geography to see who has oil we can invade next, I learned from my Googling that the Chinease our “ALLIES” are 12 hours ahead of us! No warning! They knew about 9/11 and they did nothing! Oh my goodness I can cry with fiery tears right now I am so angry. What makes it even worse is it turns out that: France! England! Australians! Japan! Even ISrael you […]

    establish barack obama liberal agenda

    EBOLA: Establish Barack Obama’s Liberal Agenda

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    A commentator named Carlos Jones blessed us all to know the titular line that brought you here today, my dear friends and brave readers.  No matter what walk in life from which you come, today you have gathered here with people from all around the world, because you are worried about Barack Obama and how he is ushering in a new era of Satanic liberal darkness for mankind. All last week, millions of readers tuned in after learning Barack Obama […]

    marijuana wax

    There Is A New Drug in Your Child’s High School. It is Called Marijuana Wax and It Is 20 Times Deadlier Than Normal Marijuana!

    by Abe - View all comments

    Heads up parents, there is a deadly new drug on the street and it’s 20 times deadlier than normal marijuana!   The police are warning parents with high school and college aged children to immediately have ‘the talk’ about this dangerous new form of marijuana. Waxed marijuana is made from the condensed oils of normal cannabis marijuana plants.  While traditional mary-j is usually smoked, in recent years kids have developed edible marijuana (etc., marijuana Kandies, Devil’s Lettuce, Marcy’s Playground and […]

    obama wielding Mjölnir

    President Obama Wields Mjölnir, Is Obviously Not a Christian

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    It looks like we can add Liberally Dark Son of Odin to President Obama’s growing list of titles. Earlier today, a photo surfaced that shows Obama clearly wielding the powerful Mjölnir, a supernatural weapon created by the ancient Norse people. Much like the ancient Egyptians, the Norse were a warlike Pagan cult who all fell on their knees and worshiped the false god Odin. There are numerous historical references to Odin and it is most likely he was a fallen angel […]

    Should Black People In Ferguson Just Calm Down and Agree to Disagree It’s Okay For Police to Shoot Unarmed Black Teenagers?

    by Abe - View all comments

    For some reason, the black people of Ferguson, Missouri, are so very angry about police shooting them with rubber bullets and throwing tear gases in their faces.   These people need to “Let go and let God.” They need to let God heal their tense, rioting hearts and just go home and get back to enjoying their life.  They have to understand that sometimes, young black men in America are going to get shot at by police and brave neighborhood watch officers. […]


    Black Man Tries to Camouflage Himself with Khaki Shorts and White Dancing, Still Gets Arrested by Ferguson Police

    by Jerry Cohen - View all comments

    The Ferguson Police Department is still on the prowl for trouble and have arrested another black man. On late Friday, Ferguson police confirmed they caught and caged a dangerously black man trying to camouflage himself in white people clothing. “We received calls about a suspiciously black man prowling close to a nice shopping area, so we went ahead and investigated,” reported Officer Nick Lowery. “When we arrived, we saw a black male walking around the parking lot,frantically swinging his arms and searching […]

    Robin Williams Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease

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    Robin Williams’ wife, Susan Schneider, revealed the actor was in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease. The author was pronounced dead at the age of 63 earlier this week. Robin Williams died with his sobriety intact, according to his wife.  The actor was found in his home with a belt around his neck, indicating he passed from an apparent suicide.  Williams long fought with depression and with the recent revelation from his wife, it is definitely understable that he was […]

    obama suspicious

    Washington DC Police Arrest Suspiciously Black Man for “Breaking and Entering”

    by Jerry Cohen - View all comments

      Obama broods after cops mistakenly profile and arrest him for being ‘suspciously black’ outside the White House.   Washington, DC – Washington, D.C., police responded to a call at 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, after reports of a ‘suspciously black’ man lurking around the front door was reported by an anonymous onlooker. “The call came later into the night, so it was hard to determine who the suspect was as we approached him.  He was wearing blue jeans and a blue […]


    Should America Replace Government Police Forces with Private Business Police Forces

    by Frank Meyer - View all comments

    FERGUSON, MO – A government-created police force has created yet another social disaster in Ferguson, Missouri. An officer was caught shooting a young, black male and since that time, racial divide has increased in America and a community looks like a small warzone. In the age of social media, there is obviously a problem with some police officers abusing their power. We have seen countless videos of police brutally beating, choking citizens to death, speeding and breaking all sorts of […]